If you’re trawling the Web, looking for home based, freelance work then no doubt you’ll have been directed to various writing positions. But have you ever heard of product description jobs before?

Blogging, proofreading and creative writing positions of all descriptions are everywhere.

There’s a never ending supply of blogs, online magazines and publications looking for people to supply their content.

But one of the lesser known, but still highly lucrative roles I’ve come across are product description jobs.

What are product descriptions?

I’m sure you know what they are already, even if you don’t realise it. Think about it. Every time you buy a product off Amazon or Wish etc. There’s a small passage underneath explaining what the product is, and how it works.

These descriptions are meant to engage, inform and ultimately pursuade the reader to buy the product.

But what we all probably don’t realise is the amount of effort that goes into each and every one. Even the short, single sentence ones.

Someone is literally paid to write them. And that someone could be you.

Where can I find product description jobs?

This seems to be one of the trickier jobs out there to secure.

Product descriptions come under the category of ‘copy’, or ‘marketing’ that a company may want you to produce.

As well as describing the product, when you think about it, product descriptions will also be driving SEO by placing keywords on a webpage. So it also comes under the realm of digital marketing.

So you could look for any number of Copywriting or digital marketing jobs to make your mark in the world of product descriptions.

I have, however, found one site dedicated to writing quick, slick product descriptions which pays out on a totally freelance basis.

Sign up to Metro, and once you’ve got to grips with the style guidelines and expectations you could be earning in quick time.

You will have your work marked for accuracy and suitability, but providing you’ve got what it takes you can improve your ranking and take on more and more work.

A simple, freelance site like Metro allows you to quickly pick up product description jobs and hone your copy skills.

And once you’ve got some work behind you, if you enjoy the work, that might be a good time to branch out and look for full time marketing and copywriting positions. It’s certainly a quick way of earning a few quid.

Good luck.