Okay, I hear you.  You’ve read the headline and you’re thinking “how has he shoehorned these two entirely unrelated topics together?

I’ve been wrestling with this subject for a while now.

Should I concentrate solely on talking about freelance working, or should I branch out into so of my other passions such as living a low-impact life, and minimalism.?

Truth is, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. So why not?  I shall explain.

Minimalism and Employment

Anyone who works in a self employed or freelance capacity knows only too well that income can be up and down. This is particularly accute if you’ve previously been working in a steady job with a steady salary.

When you go from a solid, guaranteed income every month to suddenly getting a very erratic income, sometimes large amounts sometimes small, you begin to appreciate how much money matters.

You save the pennies. You watch the pounds like a hawk.

As it happens, I get a kick out of living a minimal life. If I can buy something second hand, or even free, I do. Not necessarily because I’m on some mad echo-trip, trying to save the planet. I just enjoy it.

I like the idea that I haven’t participated in the whole charade of something being over marketed, over packaged and over priced. I like the idea that someone else used an item, but were conscious enough not to throw it away and went to donate it to charity.

And then I could give it a second life.

And of course, the more you live this way the more money you save. Which is absolutely vital when you’re on a freelancers budget.

I wince a bit when I think of the profligacy and waste I used to make when I was working full time.

If you’re a freelancer, and particularly if you’re just starting out, thinking about how much you spend, and how much you waste is surely essential.

How will it work?

In practice, being a frugal, minimalist freelancer doesn’t have to be rocket science.  It doesn’t even really need to take much effort.

It’s simply a case of watching what you spend, and living with a greater appreciation of what you spend your money on.

I think this is a mindset that freelancers find it a lot easier to get into when they’ve literally had to earn every single penny they’ve got.

When it comes to employment, your salary is coming in either way so it’s easy to become complacent and take it for granted.

So there we are. I’m primarily a jobs guy. I’m interested in the world of work, what opportunities there are and how you can work in a freelance capacity.

But I think it’s important for freelance workers to reflect on how they’re living and what they spend money on.

As always, any thoughts are much appreciated. Have a nice weekend everyone.